‚ÄčI don't know about you but with constant streams of information being thrown at me from social media, television, radio and print I find it hard to take a lot of it in. I'm not alone, as this 'always on' society struggles with the bombardment of information on a daily basis. And then something like the question 'Is the dress blue or black?' comes along and I wonder if this is the most important issue facing humanity and the best use of digital communication?

Over the past two years or so the term 'Visual Storytelling' has begun to emerge as a more effective way to approach marketing, training and sharing information. But how new is this new idea? Well if we track back a few years (or few thousand) we see that this is really just an evolution of how communication began. The basic idea that we learn through stories isn't anything new. As soon as caveman Ugg wanted to record his earlier successful hunting trip to impress caveman Ogg on the wall of his cave then visual storytelling had begun. Evolution has molded our brains to be more receptive to visual information to the point that our brain registers imagery 60,000 times faster that the written word. Try this - explain in words a colour that is midway between blue and green. How many words does it take to describe? Now hold up a turquise coloured card. How quickly does your brain register the colour? The brain is hard-wired to relate to imagery faster creating an emotional response.

visual storytelling
visual storytelling

CT scans show that reading stimulates two sections of the brain whereas visual imagery combined with a story stimulates seven. This forms the basis for 'Visual Storytelling' as a more effective way to approach marketing and training. Think of the last television advert that really captured your attention - chances are it has a very strong but simple storyline that created an emotional response. 

If we look hard enough most marketing communications can be molded into a story and it's in this story where your business will find it's human face. People love telling and hearing stories - and how bad is it that your brand is associated with that? It's just evolution afterall.

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