Why the corporate video is dying

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‚ÄčThis is going to be a strange one. The very last person you might expect to be announcing the demise of the corporate video are the people you hopefully will hire to help market your business. Now before my bank manager rings me to call for an urgent meeting (or intervention) I better explain.

The established standard corporate video, sales movie, testimonial interview and sales promo does not fit with the current way customers consume media. Attention spans are shorter than ever meaning getting your message across is a difficult task. I won't throw endless statistics at you as I'm lucky to still have your attention as there are some really cute kitten playing the piano waiting for you on Facebook.

So what to do? Well put simply your audience needs to be entertained and informed - if these objectives form the basis of your script then you can then sell to your viewer. People can smell a corporate hard-sell a mile off and if you don't tweak their interest very quickly - no matter how amazing your product or service is they will switch over to the cute cats with the swipe of a finger. Corporate video production can be engaging, fun, interesting and focused but the standard opening shot of a CEO welcoming viewers needs to be rethought somewhat.

Video is a highly engaging medium with so many possibilities to get people's attention especially with the growth of faster internet access and smartphone technology but this comes at a cost. Anyone can shoot decent quality video and post it to social media in seconds. That's not saying all of them should of course, I won't rant... I promise. The same issue made an impact on the photography business a number of years ago. The perception that anyone could take good quality photography devalued good professional photography. There is an eye needed for photography. A knack for seeing an opportunity to tell a story in one shot. This is the time the video business has just entered now - people are not impressed with just having video on their website anymore, it needs to be informative and engaging. It doesn't help that people are being barraged with forgettable video on a constant basis. We need to stand out... but how?

Engage and entertain - don't sell. The best approach we find is to tell the story and sell in an indirect manner. Tell your story in a different manner by asking yourself these questions - "What can I tell my customers that will help them?" and "What can I teach them?". The answers to these questions will lead to a much more powerful and engaging message for your customer. The connection between the help you are delivering and your brand will be unmistakable.

Before you begin your next journey down the road of video marketing stop and think. Create something that shows your skill, value and experience without selling.

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